Creating a Web Presence with a Single Page Web Design


If you are a small business it’s often easy to try and simply rely on social media sites like Facebook or Yelp to connect with your customers. The problem with this model is that you have little to no control about the branding message that your are trying to convey to your customers. Your company information is surrounded by ads, ratings, comments and colors that are not your own and even worse these sites provide users with related companies that drive traffic away from your product or service. The solution is simple: build a single page website that controls your message to customers and visually recreates the experience of shopping in your store.

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Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to create visibility and connect directly with customers, but relying on it to express your company’s unique personality is impossible as everyone gets the same boring page. Instead these social media sites should be used to drive customers to a controlled environment where you can surround them with imagery and colors that support the experience of shopping at your establishment. This is where a well executed single page web design can truly shine.

The last thing to consider when making your single page web design is the future development of the site. Rockachee will plan ahead so that as your business grows and your online needs become greater, that none of the work we create is unusable. Nothing is worse than having to start over on a project because it wasn’t built to scale up with your continued growth. From the technologies used, to the design layout, there should be a clear path to follow as more pages are added and site features become more robust. This future proofing means that you will save time and money down the road while still providing a consistent look and feel to users the whole way through your company’s maturation.

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