Responsive Web Design with Rockachee

Responsive web design with rockachee in Hendersonville Tn

What Challenges/Problems Does Responsive Web Design Solve?

  • Upgrade the mobile and tablet viewing experience of your website visitors – no vertical or horizontal scrolling.
  • No separate websites to be designed and maintained for mobile users.
  • Fluid grids work as an extension of liquid layouts – albeit in a more robust manner fitting elements into huge and small screens effortlessly.
  • Style Separated from Content – Since responsive web design works through CSS media queries, you get the advantage of content management abilities of your CMS WordPress based content-managed responsive sites.

How expensive is Responsive Web Design?
Is an investment in responsive worth it for your business?

These are the questions that frustrate most of the business owners who want to get a responsive website designed for their business. The answer lies in the type of business you run and the audience who visit your website. Simply put, responsive web design is not for everyone. However, for most of the businesses who have younger audiences that browser their site from smartphones, iPads and Android devices, it makes much more sense to go for a responsive web design.Find out your site usage patterns in Browser and OS report of your site’s Google Analytics account. If a considerable size of audience is flowing through the iPhone/iPad channel, it is time for you to go responsive. For websites that already have a mobile version, it makes sense to go responsive too as the need of managing two separate sites will no longer be there.

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Rockachee is located just outside of Nashville in Hendersonville Tennessee.

Rockachee 394 West Main St Suite B9 Hendersonville Tennessee 37075.

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