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How much does Search Engine Optimization cost? Before we can answer that question we would like you to think about what a customer is worth on an annual basis. Then ask yourself, how much would it be worth to increase my sales by approx. 10% or more each month or year? How much would that grow my business? It is something to think about, but here is the scoop.

Search Engine Optimization plans can run from as low as $399.00 per month up to several thousands per month depending on competitive factors, reach of campaign (local, large city, statewide or national) and the type of terms. Targeted geographical terms are much easier to rank for in comparison to general terms such as “perfume” or “cars” for example. The average small business usually chooses the $549.00 per month campaign. However, we offer several plans depending on your type of business and budget. We will give you an honest recommendation and you choose what think would be best.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to market and grow your business; email or call us today and we will send you details of our plans. Include your website and we will send you a free website analysis that will show how your site currently looks to search engines and some recommended improvements.

So Get Ready, Click and Grow at Rockachee

Email us at or call us at 615.988.1156


Rockachee is  proud to offer various levels of SEO Packages based on your needs and budget. Contract for most plans is 12 months with a cancellation clause after 6 months of service. However, work is done proportionately in our annual plans and early termination means that some portions of our programs will not have been completed.


SEO Launch

First 30 Days


• Initial Keyword Research • Online Competitor Analysis • Site Strategic Planning • URL Structure Optimization • Page Titles and Meta-Descriptions Changes • H1 Tag Implementation • Alt Tag Optimization • Site Map Creation

  • • Contact Form Optimization

    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Installation

    • Link Audit and Analysis

    • Checking and disavowing bad links to your site.

    • Check Site for WC3 Errors

    • Blog Creation if needed

    • Content Clean-up and checking for duplicate content

    This is the initial SEO-Makeover of the site.

  • These elements are included in all of our SEO plans. This will be the work completed during the first 30 days of the campaign. After the SEO Launch is completed; then we will begin working on the ongoing monthly campaign deliverables. 




  • • SEO is a slow and steady art that allows a business or organization that through hard work combined with time and strategic planning enables a website to have an opportunity to rank for valuable keywords and in-turn increasing targeted traffic to a website.

    • The following plans are budget conscious and offers affordable online marketing solutions. The plans are progressive. Meaning each plan includes all the features and elements of the previous or lower plans.

    • We do not limit the keywords to be targeted in the plan and focus on a wide net approach which generally generates consistent traffic.

    • We are dealing with third party search engines whose algorithms change often and cannot guarantee ranking for any specific keyword. However we do follow best practices and always deliver the work promised.


SEO Jump Start

$399Per Month

Web Visibility Assessment: This assessment will serve as a mile post so we can determine your needs.
  • Full Onsite Optimization: Includes: Page, Meta-Description, H1, Alt Tags, and URL optimization up to 35 pages on your site. We will also install an XML sitemap if needed.

    2 PRWEB Press Releases Annually: This will get your business in the news.

    Citation – Link Building: Some consider Link Building the essence of SEO. We strive to build good quality links that send the right signals to search engines.

    Local Directory Listings: Use the reach of local directories to spread the word about your business. 100 Enhanced Local Business Listing Submission will be done manually.

    Paid Media Seeding: A small spend will be done monthly to promote website visibility.

    Regional and or Industry Directories: Paid Annual Directory Listings that helps deliver traffic and link juice!

    24/7 Site Monitoring Service: Experiencing downtime now can be a serious issue and in some cases be a factor that may cause a site penalty.

    Reporting: Interactive Reporting Using Google Docs with Information Gathered from Google Webmaster and Analytics!

Small Business Package

$549Per Month Advanced SEO with Reputation Defense

 Note: This plan includes the Previous Plan Features Plus:

  • Broad Benchmark Report & Site Assessment: Review of the most common data points, site configuration, performance and design.

    Basic Mobile Website: We will provide a basic mobile website with the program. Features “Click to Call” and “Click to Email”. (Limit of 15 Pages)

    Identifying Convertible Keywords: Work on identifying and improving keyword positioning for terms that show promise of sales or inquiries.

    Landing Page / SEO Targeting: Creation of content to go after specific keywords or phrases.

    Local Search Marketing Via Yext: Instead of manual submissions we will include a Yext premium subscription. Analytics are also available with Yext’s Integrated Software.

    Blog Creation: Creation of a blog article every other month. We will also optimize your site for social integration.

    Just Re-Tweet Me Please: We will strive to get your Blog Posts Retweeted and “Liked” by others on Facebook

    Duplicate Content Audit: Check site for duplicate content.

    Reporting: Interactive Reporting Using Google Docs with Information Gathered from Google Webmaster and Analytics!

Full Circle Marketing

$749Per Month

 Note: This plan includes the 2 Previous Plans’ Features Plus:

  • Expanding and Improving Keywords: Ongoing planning and strategy to find obtainable keywords for improved conversions.

    Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter: Scope of work includes weekly postings and proactive engagements to attract followers and “Likes”.

    Social Media Spend: Small Spend will be done periodically to increase followers on Twitter and to get “Likes” on Facebook.

    Pinterest: Posting pictures of key aspects of your services and/or products.

    Engagement Activity & Reputation Building: Use social media to engage targeted people, groups, or businesses in a manner that creates goodwill and interest.

    2 Additional PRWEB Press Releases Annually: This will increase your ability to get key developments, events, and messages out to the news media.

    30 Minutes of Web Work: Make the changes you need to keep your site up to date and fresh. 30 minutes allowance monthly!

    Click-Through Optimization: Work on improving click-through rates for targeted pages in the site.

    Reporting: Interactive Reporting Using Google Docs with Information Gathered from Google Webmaster and Analytics!

Custom High Impact Packages

$1250Starting at

This is a stand alone plan created for competitive sites.
  • Advanced Benchmark Reporting: Custom report based on client needs.

    Digital Campaign Manager: Dedicated SEO Manager with experience managing top brands. (The Home Depot, GameStop, Rooms To Go, and Intercontinental Hotels, etc.)

    Thorough Site Assessment: Prioritized list of actionable site recommendations.

    Client Collaboration: Ongoing consulting and monthly planning sessions with client participation encouraged.

    Proactive Citation Building: Using forward thinking techniques to gain competitive offsite advantages.

    Link Bait: Creation of buzz-oriented campaigns – an offensive approach that leverages content and social media.

    Conversion Insights: Use site data and analysis to improve performance.

    News-oriented Content: Get your business in the news through press releases, YouTube content creation.

    Reporting: Interactive Reporting Using Google Docs with Information Gathered from Google Webmaster and Analytics!

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